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Five Sources of Joy

I often have conversations with my roommate, and one of the underlying topics of the conversations is where one can find true self-confidence, true satisfaction, or true joy. I would like to present five areas: A Knowledge of Your Origin As a Son or Daughter of God The first source of joy is our knowledge, […]

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The Bright Morning of Arrival

I had thought that I would have several blog pages, for different topics. I may yet do that, but right now not having the time to set up the site is a barrier to my writing at all. So hereโ€™s a post that is not organized into any category. ๐Ÿ™‚ President Boyd K. Packer relates […]

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Laying up treasures

Lately (or rather, since purchasing a house) I have been fixated upon fixing things. Iโ€™ve fixed a TV, repaired a stand mixer, re-wired phone jacks, painted a fence, trapped rodents, resurfaced a counter, replaced screens, reorganized entertainment system wiring, cleaned a garage, and more. But the list of things still to do is longer than […]

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Being in the Lead vs Leading

Is one of the primary reasons we want to be first, best, or right so that our voice will be heard? ย “I’m the top Dr., so everyone listens to me.” ย “I publish more or swim faster or cook better than anyone else, so my boss knows better than to get in my way.” ย Is that […]

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December 2022