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Frequently Asked Questions

i.e. Questions you probably didn’t ask, but I think you should. 😂 

    • Do you really live in Iowa?

      I don't just live in Iowa--I LOVE living in Iowa. Officially, I live in Iowa City, and I've been enthralled pretty much since day 1. The wildlife is wonderful. The weather is seasonal. The people are "Iowa Nice." And the opportunities are endless. It's a perfect place to build a life.
    • Extraverted or Introverted?

      More extraverted than introverted, but in no way am I ever the "life of the party."  I like playing a meaningful supportive role and being known and needed by people.
    • What is your favorite food?

      I like "well-prepared food," from almost any culture. I tend to eat a balanced diet more than a diet heavy in one thing or another. I don't eat much sugar / sweet.
    • Favorite sport?

      • To play:
        • Ultimate
        • Ice hockey
        • Racquetball
        • Soccer
      • To watch:
        • Football
        • Baseball (in-person)
        • Ice hockey
        • Pretty much all of the others, too
    • Why are you studying Organizational Behavior?

      At the end of the day, a) I love the things I'm studying, and b) they are things that make a difference in the lives of people I care about.